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 Mt. Bruce Station Flock



"Hot Chocolate"
 Coloured Corriedale Foundation Ewe

Pictured Left to Right:
Lewis, Franka, Brigette & Fuzzy Bear

The flock size is about 50 head and consists of both white and colored Corriedales, rare breed spotted Jacobs and distinctive brown Moorits. Corriedales are the original dual purpose breed developed in the 1860's in my home country of New Zealand. The original foundation flock was from Olsen, Martin, Dieterle and added bloodlines from Wisconsin and New York State. The Corriedale fleeces give us a range of colours from white and cream to silver grey, charcoal, chocolate brown and very dark black. Whereas our sprightly Jacobs are treasured for the tweedy yarn we spin from their wool, and the brown Moorits run from fawn brown to mahogany and many shades in between. The sheep are jacketed to maintain a very clean fleece and to preserve the distinctive colours.

~ Yvonne Uhlianuk, Shepherd

We Specialize In ~ starter fiber flocks and offer the following:

* Assistance in selecting quality animals

* A flock care program outline

* On call follow up assistance

* Fall Breeding

Flock Registration ~

  •  N.C.W.G.A. ~ Natural Coloured Wool Growers Association
  • A.C.A. ~ American Corriedale Association
  • Also a member of: M.S.B.A. ~ Michigan Sheep Breeders Association

Lambs available every spring (contact early) or at the Sheep Sale held each year at the Mt. Bruce Station Sheep & Wool Festival.

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